Change in Plans...

So the plan was to be back at the Bountiful Farmers Market starting this Saturday but sometimes things do not go as planned. However, the fates favoured me and I will be at The Market Off Whyte this Saturday from 10-4. The market is at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre which is at 8426 Gateway BLVD. Very excited to be part of a new market.

I will have a full selection of my pieces and all planters will be 10% off at the market. I always feel that my house plants feel a bit neglected over the summer and as the season changes they start to get my attention. It is a great time to repot and show off your indoor garden with some new pots.

I am excited to be part of this market and I have many new items to showcase. I am particularly happy with my new pillar candle holders, they are all finished with my speckled white glaze as they are part of the Winter collection. They are a great way to bring cozy to this earlier and soon to be cooler nights.

Sometimes one needs to be very flexible and go with the flow. Though if anyone knows of October markets that are still open to applications please let me know. I have applied to Bountiful for November to January so hopefully I will have a winter home. As we move into the busy Fall and Christmas season I hope to have to opportunity to showcase my work at a vareity of markets. I will post when I know where and when.

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