Changes....very slowly.

I am not the most computer proficient human in the world , so working on my website can be both frustrating and arduous. I use Wix and their theory seems to be everyone has website knowledge. I was trying to add drop down pages under my Shop button in the header so that visitors to my site only need to look at what they want. I myself hate having to scroll through a complicated site to find the one thing that I am looking for. This took three days working after school and many visits to the Wix help site. I even had to call Wix, in Guatemala no less, the lovely lady there was stumped as to why the pop-up menu was not appearing on my site. I finally figured it out, I work on a Mac and the Firewall was stopping it. Had a great conversation with this representative and she was speechless when I told her that our temperature as -32 celsius... she could not comprehend that temperature. I am hoping that the dropdown menu under Shop is working. If anyone tries it out let me know what you think. I still have to take many new photos but as it is very cold here due to the Polar Vortex, staying inside and doing a photo shoot sounds perfect.

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