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I am been busy designing my new logo....sounds easy, but for the A type personality not so. I tried many, many free logo makers and the result was usually meh. I finally gave up and returned to the Wix Logo maker which gave me more creative freedom. After a day of indecision and annoying my lovely daughters, I finally picked one, check it out at for the new design. I needed to pick one that went with my pottery and my paintings. While I loved my feather icon/image it did not work with my paintings, it felt way too cute. This one links both aspects of the busy creative life. I have also finished reading all of my 'how to set up an online business' books and am trying hard to apply all this new found knowledge. This means much time at the computer and less in the studio. However, that is part of the life of an artist , plus the studio is ready and waiting for renovations so I really do not want to make a mess right now. We are just two weeks away from walls, doors and drywall....I will actually be able to hang things on walls in the studio. My exterior walls are insulated and have vapour barrier and I am always terrified of breaking the seal, so drywall is necessary. However, painting drywall....tedious at best. I will post pictures of the renovations on Instagram and tweet daily.

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