Here We Go Again...

As a write this quick note we are in our third wave of Covid and are facing new restrictions. It is hard seeing businesses, institutions and people either ignoring or flaunting these restrictions and prolonging this life. I have not had a family dinner since November and have missed all those family dinners, celebrations and traditions. If we all support each other like Australia and New Zealand did this will end sooner rather than ever later. I see potters in Australia running classes again with no restrictions, I hope that we can be there by next year. Yup, next year I do not see that happening this year given our numbers again.

On the market front I am supposed to be participating in the Whtye Elephant sale at the old Army and Navy April 17 and 18. I received an email yesterday asking if I felt comfortable at this time being part of this market. My answer with the rise in the variants was no. I am hoping that the market is delayed until the summer. However, I am still part of the the Bountiful Famers Market every Saturday from 9-5. There are strict protocols in place and of course numbers will be reduced with the new restrictions. I will have many new items at the market from mugs to plates and of course a selection of plant pots.

Keep safe, stay home if you can and hopefully we move past this third wave quickly.

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