How Is It Almost October?

Every year at Christmas my husband gives me a new calendar, I know this seems old fashioned in our world of phones and watches that beep notifications all day long. This years calendar was Audubon birds, I was looking at the calendar and was momentarily shocked to realise that it is almost October. How did this happen? Where did the summer go? As a teacher September often seems like the start of the New Year rather than January. September goes by in a blink but this was even faster than usual.

We had a beautiful, if very hot summer and I did hide in the relative cool of my studio. It was a bit weird to be making products for Fall and Christmas when it was 35 above. However, this year I was definitely more organized and I am more than ready for the busy fall season. I love making candle holders, I often plan but change my ideas as I am making the pieces. It tends to be a more organic process. I love candles during the shorter days, I am a bit of a candle hoarder. I love Indigo candles but the store has had some problems getting them in, so I decided to make my own.

My daughters laughed when I said that I was making candles. Did I really need something else to do after a full day of teaching? I thought about making them to sell but decided that I would just make them for myself and family. Part of this journey was finding a supplier for essential oils or fragrance oils in Canada. If I lived in the U.S. this would not be a problem. I found some great companies but the shipping was more than the cost of the oils. Luckily I found a fantastic Canadian company: Lark Artisan Supply. The company is from Vancouver Island and the scents I ordered are amazing. I made so many candles and they are currently curing. I now have a way to create amazing husband may never survive this!

On the mug side I have made some alterations to my mugs. They are slightly bigger and have a larger handle. Handles are a very interesting part of the mug. I like a smaller handle as I have small hands. It is sometimes hard as a potter to remove yourself from the equation and not think about what you like. So I made a few test mugs and using my family as test subjects had them check the new designs out. They were a hit! They all like the bigger cup and handle.

I am back at the Bountiful Farmers Market starting this Saturday from 9-5. I will have many of my new items there, however not the new mugs as they are still being made. It is a great market, I encourage you to stop by.

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