I think I can...

I think that i finally have my website where I want it. This has been an interesting journey in understanding how not only Wix works biut how to build a user friendly website. We all experienced websites that are frstrating to use. My least favourite one is the Canadian Tire website... very clumsy to use. I am very happy with my latest photoshoot as I have found the tools and tricks to take photos that I am happy with. When I first starting taking photos I was using my old digital SLR, the photos were less than impressive. So then I bought a light box and tried again, the photos were even worse if that is possible. I spent many an hour searching the web for information on how to take good photos of pottery. Now I am not new to world of photography as I took it at university back in the old days when we still used dark rooms. I absolutley knew how I wanted my photos to look but was getting nowhere fast. So then I upgraded my phone, it was time anyway. I am so impressed how my iPhone 11 Pro takes photos! My old SLR was not up to the task. I also added Adobe Lightroom and things were looking up. Now to find the right spot and light in my house. I have the perfect corner and was becoming more satisfied with my results. I was at a local craft store browsing the other day and happened upon some galvanized metal signs. I knew this was exactly the base that I was looking for. The metal has a subtle sheen and texture...the first photos were a hit. I am finally there I have found the necessary tools to take consistent and acceptable photos.

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