It is done!

After waiting for many years I finally have walls in my studio! I am loving how clean and bright it is. To date I have not hung any artwork... it is just so pretty and clean right now, I will let it be for awhile and then slowly decide where to put some drawings and or paintings. The renovations were completed just in the nick of time, we finished on Tuesday and Thursday I received a call from Tryst Wine and Small Plates, they need 40 more bowls for October 1. I made the dishes for this amazing restaurant last spring and it was wonderful to part of this process. It has always been a dream to have my work in a restaurant and dreams do come true. The food at Tryst is beyond amazing and we have been going once a month, we plan to return at the end of September. If you are in the Edmonton area or are visiting you must try this restaurant ... you will not be disappointed.

In my other life school starts back tomorrow, I have mixed feelings this year as most do. While I am excited to see new and old students the reality of teaching during Covid is unsettling. I do not have the best immune system or lungs, I have had pneumonia and bronchitis many, many times, added to this is the fact that as a teenager living in northern Alberta I tested positive for tuberculosis . Yup, more than a little concerned as is my family. My doctor gave me some protocols to follow including the instructions to tell my students to not **** around. I feel that my studio and yoga will be much needed during this stressful time. I know we have to wear the mask, but I hate it and wonder how my students will actually understand me as I do not have a sound system in my room. Plus, have you every experienced a hot flash while wearing a mask? You want to take your skin off never mind a mask, thank goodness I have a storage room.

Stay safe and wear the mask.

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