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So we got a new cat this week. She is called Daisy and she is a year and half old. We are doing all the slow cat introduction, currently she is in the office with me while Lillie is roaming free. We switch back and forth. I also bought a cat pheromone diffuser for multiple cats, apparently this can take a few days. Lillie who is used to cats after our daughter moved back for a few months just wants to play but Daisy is not happy. We bring them out once a day to see each other and distract if things get difficult and then separate them. However, if anyone has other suggestions please let me know. Daisy loves to cuddle on laps but she definitely had more attitude than Lillie.

On the market front I was back at Bountiful last week, I was last at the market at the end of May. Numbers were down, it felt a little empty at the market. One never knows the reasons, weather, covid, economy... so many factors. I am hoping that this weekend is busier has we move from outdoor markets to indoor with the weather slowly changing. I am so not complaining about our lovely fall. Last week I had planters 10% off at the market this week and I have been mulling what to have on special this week. I was hoping to have bowls but they are still in the making process. So this week all mugs are 10% off at the market. Might be time to get a new mug for you or do some early gift buying. Before we know it the weeks will fly by and December will be here. The frost this morning was a reminder that a warm fall can not last forever. Of course the stores are already jumping on the season, I like to slow it down and enjoy the fall colours before I jump to Christmas.

On the work front I am so happy to be back in class with my students. Talking through a mask all day to 36 students is exhausting but they are so happy to be back in class. The ceramic classes are so excited to be making, never under estimate the joy of creating with your hands. I strongly believe as an educator that our kids still need to be kids, and tactile learning is vitally important. My grade 11 students have just finished their first weeks on the wheel and next week they will be doing some slip casting and then back on the wheel to make mugs. Their smiles give me the energy I need! Their challenge is to find mugs that inspire them.

Well it is time to do the cat switch .... any ideas please let me know. I hope to see some of you at the market. I will be doing a shop update by the end of October and there will be a new Instagram contest. I have 969 followers and hope to reach 1000 soon. I am currently doing research ( always a student) on how to increase sales through my website. Again any ideas please suggest them. Maybe that could be a contest best idea wins...something.

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