Spring is here...

Updated: Apr 19

That may seem weird considering the eqinox is almost here but we are actually having spring weather. Here in the north we are so afraid of jinxing ourselves and turning the weather in a negative way. I have spring fever and cannnot wait to get outside and garden. This is the perfect weather to plant those cold weather crops like carrots, spinach, peas etc. I ordered my seeds way back in Janaury and they have still not arrived. I keep getting messgase that the order is being processed...seriously it is a small order of seeds. It is now way to late to start my tomatoes... oh well next year.

I have had quite a few questions about custom work in the past few weeks. This is a yes and no question for me. If you are wondeirng if you can order a complete set of tableware, plates, bowls, platters etc from my work the answer is yes. I have a number of plate, platter and bowl sizes and shapes. If you are wondering if I will do custom designs or glazing then the answer is no. I have worked hard to create my designs that reflect my vision as both an artist and potter. The intent behind my designs is that I may repeat elements of designs but I never repeat either the design or the colours exactly, that way each piece is unique but part of a design conversation. The same is true for the glazes that I make and test myself. I tend to use neutral glazes so that my designs become a focal point. My designs and colours are fluid, which means that they evolve and change according to what has attracted my interest. I am a production potter and love the technique of repeating a shape that I have refined and practiced but as an artist I love creating one of a kind work. Potter is wonderful art form to work in and I am constantly refining and exploring new techniques, glazes and firing schedules, it is a wonderful journey and I am never bored in my studio.

Some good news on the horizon, besides vaccines, I am doing a number of craft shows and markets this spring and summer. I will be at the Whyte Elephant Sale at the old Army and Navy on Whyte Ave, April 17th and 18th. I will have many new mugs, planters and for the first time bells. I made this bells last fall and I am finally getting around to stringing them, I even made all of the small beads for them. Very picky work! In addition I will be at the 124 St Grand Market one Sunday in June, July and August. I am working hard to have many new pieces for the summer. Lastly, I am looking at joining the Bountiful Market on the Southside as a weekend vendor. I am excited to have a semi-permanent home. I propably will wait until for the fall for this new venture. Given all of this the spaces that are available are twice the size so I am working on new display ideas. One thing that I am working on is how to display my hanging pots and bells. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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