Uno Flip

There is a version of the Uno game called Uno flip. It is a l ot of fun to play as it has a good side and you flip to the evil side. We all say flippy when the card comes up. My week has been a game of Uno flip. I thought I was at Bountiful Market in October, then I was not. I quickly found another market and then heard from Bountidul that they had a space for me.

So I am at the Bountiful Farmers market starting tomorrow from 9-5. As previously posted all of my planters will be 10% off at the market. I will have weekly specials at the market going forward. Phew! Flip and flip again. I am glad to be at the market while I still work full time as a teacher. There is something calming about being back at a familair place when you still have a busy work life, plus tables are provided so I can load in and out by myself, my husband really appreicates this!

A very quick update. Hope to see you at the market!

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