Where Has This Year Gone?

Well another Covid year is almost over... will we have another one? Unfortunately, with the new variant it would seem so. Like everyone else I am tired of the restrictions but they are there in order to protect us, the only way out of this is to get vaccinated, follow the protocols and hopefully we will be able to move past this. At least this Christmas we are able to get together with our families, last year was very difficult for all of us.

It is looking very festive outside we had a dump of snow last night and there seems to be more on the way. I may not like the deep freeze that is coming but I do like the snow, it makes winter much more enjoyable. I love to skate, cross country ski and toboggan. I am hoping that this Christmas break I will be able to enjoy a few of those activities. Winter is long but we need to get out and enjoy it.

As this year winds down I am reflecting on my work and where it will go. I have some new designs in the planning stage and will use our long winter to bring them to fruition. I am enjoying this stage and seeing how the new ideas work, or don't, which often happens in clay. I am also planning which markets to apply to for the next year. I am hoping to be accepted by the St. Albert Farmers Market as an occasional outdoor vendor. I am thinking of doing one or two days per month. This depends on their availability and our summer plans. We normally love to go to the Okanagan with the family but given the fires of last summer we are changing our plans. My husband and I had decided to buy a small trailer as a retirement gift to each other when we retired. Given that there are no big trips planned as long as Covid is in control we are thinking of getting the trailer this spring. This means our summer will be travelling around, exploring new areas and camping. Though as previous die hard tenters we will have to change the language to RVing.

I am taking a bit of a break from the studio to focus on the other side of the business... the website. I will be taking new photos, debating about changing the look of the site and contacting locally business who might stock my work. As much as I love the markets I still work full time as a teacher and it would be nice to have the website generate more sales and having stockists would be wonderful. I am currently mulling over the idea of working with a marketing person to get some much needed website advice. If anyone knows of anyone let me know.

I am still at the Bountiful Farmers Market and will be there this weekend for the last shopping weekend before Christmas. I will have a sale table at the market, these pieces are earlier ones that do not reflect my designs now. There is a great variety of bowls, bakers, plates and mugs. It is a great way to pick up a homemade gift and they are on sale! In January I will be at the market on Sundays and I plan to focus on planters. There will be ones with attached saucers, those that come with saucers, pedestal planters and hanging planters. A great way to survive the long winter is to being a bit of green into your house. The local greenhouses will be full of new plants, just make sure your plant babies are wrapped up well ( I used to work in greenhouses).

This is my last post before Christmas, so to those of you who celebrate this day Merry Christmas and to all others stay warm!

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